Earlier this year in June I decided it was about time I entered the modern world and joined the online conversation via social media. I began by signing up to twitter. I also, for the first time, left a comment on some one else’s blog. The blog in question belonged to Craig Murray ( http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/ )  the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan (which I highly recommend) who wrote an entry called, ‘Deadly Fiasco’, about the present problems in Iraq. I had been mulling over the same subject and had written a short piece that I think highlighted the complexity of the situation. I was delighted when my comment received a few complimentary comments of its own. Thinking I was now on a roll I created a jpg with my explanatory piece and tweeted it. I then sat back and waited for the world to marvel. The world of course failed to marvel in any way what so ever – having less than twenty twitter friends probably didn’t help. I have since then become a sporadic twitterer, a member of Facebook and up until today a blogger in waiting.

I was some what surprised a few months later when I received a tweet that contained a picture of a letter sent to the Daily Mail in September by Aubrey Bailey, Fleet, Hants, which apart from the first and last lines is a direct copy of my work. To make matters worse it had been retweeted nearly four times more than mine the original. The child in me was now slightly annoyed. Later I received a copy of it from a friend on Facebook. I decided to investigate further, a quick google search and there it was all over the place. OK not all over, but more places than my twenty friends, which I might add is now past thirty. Below is a sample.



Letter to Daily Mail gives excellent explanation of war with Isis


“Are you confused about what’s going on in the Middle East? Let me explain.

By Aubrey Bailey, Fleets, Hants



It had even gone global:



Some one had even translated it. My inner child was by now well and truly throwing his rattle out of the pram. ‘It’s me, me, I wrote that’, but there was no one to hear.

So thank you Aubrey Bailey you have finally given me the motivation to start my blog, if only to put it on record, it was me, I wrote that. What probably hurts most though was the fact it was published in the Daily Mail. Oh well, good luck to you Aubrey, no hard feelings.




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